Liposuction is permanent

Liposuction is permanent removal of selected areas of fat. However, having liposuction does not mean that you cannot gain weight. Lipo does not remove all of the fat in an area. If all fat was removed from a location, you would have an unsightly divot there. Some fat is necessary to have an attractive shape. These remaining fat cells can store more fat and enlarge if you do not maintain the right diet and exercise habits.

Usually, we remove fat from “problem areas” during liposuction where women tend to gain weight more easily. If we remove fat from these areas and you gain weight after your procedure, you may see this weight gain in other areas instead of the treated areas.

Despite the necessity to maintain your result, liposuction is a fantastic procedure that allows women to get the shape they want and could never achieve prior, despite maximizing diet and exercise. For most people, even if they are happy with their weight and shape, they work hard to maintain it. In reality, there is no magic bullet. The improvement in shape that liposuction can provide explains why liposuction is consistently one of the top 5 cosmetic procedures and why satisfaction is so high after this procedure. In fact, nearly 90% of liposuction patients would do it again.

Many liposuction patients find the improvement they get from liposuction to be a great motivator to eat healthier and exercise more to maintain their new body. This can be a far cry from the frustration of trying to improve shape problems that diet and exercise do not seem to fix.

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