Fitting Your Dream Body Into Your Budget

Fitting Your Dream Body Into Your Budget

Fitting Your Dream Body into Your Budget

When you’re on a budget, there are always a few things that should be put on the backburner. Confidence is not one of those things. Feeling good in the skin you’re in is crucial to being successful and living your best life. Don’t waste another day worrying about facial wrinkles, a bump on your nose, or a flabby tummy. It’s time to make your inner-self become your outer-self, because a ‘better you’ should always be in your budget.

If you’ve been waiting to get your dream body for financial reasons, know that you have options. Check out our brief guide to getting your dream body financed:

  1. Determine if you have any money saved to put down towards your new body goals. If not, that’s ok – there are zero-down options available!
  2. Take a look at your monthly budget to see what you can eliminate. With payments starting as low as $100-$200/ month, cutting back on things like lattes, lunches out and unused gym memberships can add up to a better body quickly.
    • Cut Starbucks from 3x/week to 1x/week = $50 monthly savings
    • Cut lunches out from 3x/week to 1x/week =  $100 monthly savings
    • Canceling unused gym membership = $50 monthly savings
      Total Savings for Your Procedure = $200 a month!
  1. If you’re looking for financing for your procedure, first find your credit score on If your score is above 580, check below to determine what companies will work for you. There are various options, depending on your score. If your score is below580, skip to number 4. All set with financing? Jump ahead to number 6!If your credit score is 580-619:Apply to United Medical Credit Minimum Household income: $2000/month (If < $2000/mo, use co-applicant with income of $2000/mo) In general, we recommend requesting $5000 and you may pick any surgery date you like, on the application, as this date can be changed at anytime. The individual having surgery MUST be the primary application, but adding a co-signer with a higher credit score will give you a better chance of approval!Apply here: your TRANSUNION score is 620-639

    Apply at Lending USA (Transunion scores only)

    If your credit scores are 640 or above:

    Apply at Alphaeon

  1. If you do not qualify for financing based on your credit score or do not have credit history, that’s ok. Share your goal for a better, more confident you with a friend, family member or significant other. If they’d like to be a part of your journey, invite them to be a co-signer to help you achieve your goals – if they have a credit score above 600, their co-signature should set you up for approval with the above financial companies. This will also help build your credit while you’re sporting your new body.
  2. If your credit is not where you need it to be, and you’re unable to find a co-signer, don’t worry – check out our tips at the end to help you start building or repairing your credit score so you can begin your journey to the most confident version of you.
  3. Once you are pre-approved, call us at 817.761.0864 and reserve your consultation to determine the best procedures to reach your goals.

If you’re trying to build or rebuild your credit score,

here are a few tips to help put you on the right track:

  • Show Payment Consistency
    • When it comes to your score, consistency is key! Make sure you’re making steady minimum payments toward your credit balance each month.
  • Set Up Auto-Payments
    • Don’t let late payments lower your credit score! Try to use automatic bill pay systems to keep your score in top shape.
  • Monitor Your Credit Score
    • You can log onto each credit website once a year to get your report directly from sites like Trans Unionand Experian. It’s a great way to stay informed and even prevent credit fraud.
  • Dispute Credit Report Errors

As you can see, finances don’t have to be a roadblock to the body you’ve always dreamed of. We fit fleeting things into our budgets all the time, like vacations and parties with a start and an end date, but your dream body will stay with you long after a day, a week, or even a month. Understand that your ‘best self’ can and should fit into your budget, because feeling confident is the key to living each day brilliantly. You deserve to put yourself first, and feel more confident than ever – so take the first step and reserve your consultation today.

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Is Lipo Permanent?

Is Lipo Permanent?

Liposuction is permanent

Liposuction is permanent removal of selected areas of fat. However, having liposuction does not mean that you cannot gain weight. Lipo does not remove all of the fat in an area. If all fat was removed from a location, you would have an unsightly divot there. Some fat is necessary to have an attractive shape. These remaining fat cells can store more fat and enlarge if you do not maintain the right diet and exercise habits.

Usually, we remove fat from “problem areas” during liposuction where women tend to gain weight more easily. If we remove fat from these areas and you gain weight after your procedure, you may see this weight gain in other areas instead of the treated areas.

Despite the necessity to maintain your result, liposuction is a fantastic procedure that allows women to get the shape they want and could never achieve prior, despite maximizing diet and exercise. For most people, even if they are happy with their weight and shape, they work hard to maintain it. In reality, there is no magic bullet. The improvement in shape that liposuction can provide explains why liposuction is consistently one of the top 5 cosmetic procedures and why satisfaction is so high after this procedure. In fact, nearly 90% of liposuction patients would do it again.

Many liposuction patients find the improvement they get from liposuction to be a great motivator to eat healthier and exercise more to maintain their new body. This can be a far cry from the frustration of trying to improve shape problems that diet and exercise do not seem to fix.

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5 Responses To Plastic Surgery Shaming

Dealing with shaming from others is, unfortunately, sometimes a result of getting plastic surgery. You are, of course, under no obligation to respond to them or engage with their trolling. However, if you do feel the need to stick up for yourself, your body, and your choices, here are some tips to help you out.

My Body, My Choices

Plastic surgery model
Much of the shaming women experience when they decide plastic surgery is right for them is because other people feel like they have some sort of say when it comes to your body. Don’t be afraid to remind them that this is your body and you can do what you want with it. Other people do not own it, nor do they have the right to make comments about it.

I’m Not Doing This For Anyone But Myself

I love myself
Some folks may comment that the choice to get plastic surgery must “be for a man” or something along those lines. For this sort of shaming, feel free to tell them, as in point one, that this is for yourself alone. The choice is not to please a man or make anyone like you, it’s because you decided it’s what’s best for your own body.

This Was Not An Impulse Buy

Glasses resting on old book
As you are likely well aware, the choice to get plastic surgery involves plenty of research and long days spent thinking about what is right for you. It’s not like rushing into Target and going on a shopping spree. Anyone who feels like shaming you with the phrase "you’re just doing it without thinking about it” clearly has not done their own research into how plastic surgery works and the process of deciding on doctors, procedures, risks, and rewards.

Yes, I Considered This Important Enough To Save Up For

Money saved up for plastic surgery
Sometimes people may disguise their shaming with phrases along the lines of “well how could you afford that!?” or “aren’t there better things to spend your hard-earned money on?” This might be a perfect time to ask such people if they’ve ever saved up for anything they considered important, like a new car or a fancy tech gadget. If something is important to you, it’s perfectly reasonable to find ways to pay for it.

This Body Is Just As “Real” As Any Other

Authenticity road sign
People have a bad habit of shaming plastic surgery by calling it “fake” and anything else “real.” But that means everything from pushup bras, makeup, and hair curlers to tanning and Spanx can also be called “fake.” This is an arbitrary line to draw. Rather, you body is still as “real” as you say it is, and it is your choice how to frame whatever you decide to do with it.

Should I Worry About Bruising?

Should I Worry About Bruising?
Plastic surgery, like any kind of surgery, involves cutting, shaping, and other medical techniques. Tools like scalpels and stitches are used. This means that bruising will occur. But does that bruising pose a problem? Should you be worried?

Bruising Is Normal

Bruising is bound to happen. There’s really no way around it. It is a totally normal, natural part of the healing process. Your body is working hard to recover so you can get back to life. This will take some time and patience. Remember not to re-bruise the affected areas. Take care not to bump into things or do activities that risk hurting any areas that have bruising. You may have to take it slow for a little while until things heal. Dr. Vennemeyer and you will discuss when you can get back to various activities and how long you can expect the healing process to take.

There’s Gonna Be Some Weird Colors

Purple, yellow, brown: these are all potential colors your bruises could take on. This is usually normal. It’s part of the healing process. Remember when you were a kid and bumped your arm too hard and gathered all your friends around to look at the cool colors? Those colors still happen as an adult. They indicate various points in the healing process. Plus, light hitting varying layers of skin can also change the way your bruises look in various conditions. To get the best idea, stay in a well-lit room with neutral-colored lighting and make a note of your progress.

When In Doubt, Ask The Doctor

Dr. Vennemeyer and his staff are always available to answer your questions. Feel free to call us and ask away. Some things to keep in mind: call us if your bruises do not seem to heal after a long time, if they seem to be getting worse, or they start spreading way beyond any surgery affected areas. These are usually rare, however. Even if everything is going normally and you just need some reassurance, we’re happy to talk. Bruising and healing are a normal part of surgery recovery, and we want you to have the best possible experience.

Local Moms Tried These 3 “Butt Lift” Products. Did They Work?

Bigger butts are big news these days. Because of this, along with legitimate options like Brazilian butt lifts, a whole host of off-the-shelf “quick fixes” have popped up to meet demand. Here are some thoughts on three of these products from three local moms.

“Wedgie Fit” Jeans

Wedgie Fit Jeans
Gloria H. “‘Wedgie’ indeed! I felt like they were riding up all day. Not cool. Plus I really don’t want to answer ‘wedgie’ if a girlfriend asks me what kind of jeans I’ve got on.”

Debra R.: “I felt like I was just wearing high-waisted jeans, not that my butt looked any better. And what’s with the rolled up cuffs? It just feels like I am covering up for the fact that I bought too-short jeans.”

Gayle M. “For supposedly accentuating a nice butt, I feel like they still can't figure out how to make them so they fit the waist and the hips correctly. Fail.”

Padded Panties

Padded Panties
Gloria H. “Literally like I just strapped two pillows to my butt and called it a day. Not natural looking.”

Debra R. “These are like SUPER uncomfortable to sit on. I thought having some extra padding in my undies would be comfy, but it’s weirdly not.”

Gayle M. “These feel oddly like a medical device. Like I broke my tailbone so my doctor was like ‘wear these for 2 weeks and sorry you will look and feel ridiculous.’”

Butt Lift In A Box

Butt Lift In A Box
Gloria H. “I swear late night infomercials used to peddle this stuff for your boobs back in the day. Obviously it did not work then and didn’t work now.”

Debra R. “I skipped this one. I have allergy-prone skin and I am not taking chances on that.”

Gayle M. “Seriously? Just call it snake oil. At least it’d be more honest that way.”

While all these products promise a bigger butt, the only way to ensure natural results that last a lifetime is with a consultation from Dr. Vennemeyer. Call us today for an appointment, and skip the mystery creams and weird jeans.

Arm Lift

Blog about Brachioplasty and Arm Contouring from our Southlake Cosmetic Surgeon

Brachioplasty or Arm Lift

One of the biggest complaints I hear from patients is related to sagging, excess arm skin and extra arm fat. Think of all the difficulties that come with saggy arms:

  • Your clothes don’t fit well and you need a bigger size to accommodate your arms
  • Your arms jiggle
  • Exercise will tone muscle, but it will not tighten skin.

If you lose a significant amount of weight at any age, your arms can look deflated and saggy. In most cases, your skin has been stretched too far to rebound. Some women even have a genetic predisposition to weight gain in their arms. At younger ages, though, your skin may be tighter if you have bigger arms.

Regardless of why your arms are saggy, the approach used to address the situation depends on your skin’s tightness and the amount of fat present. If you have tight skin, but extra fat, you may only need liposuction. It’s great when this is an option because only a few tiny incisions would be needed.

If you have loose, saggy skin, then a brachioplasty (arm lift) is best for you. It is a more involved procedure, but it is the only way to significantly reduce excess, saggy skin.

The length of the scar depends on the amount of skin to be removed and where it’s hanging. If you’re like most women, you will have an incision on the inside surface of your upper arm. Making the incision there helps conceal most of it. You can extend the incision into the armpit or onto the side of your chest to create the best contour.

You can get better results if you have extra fat and skin available. In that case, a combination liposuction and arm lift works best. These are just some of the basic concepts of arm lifts - every patient requires a custom approach.

Additional Considerations

One of the major tradeoffs for any body contouring procedure is scars. Liposuction does not create any major visible scars, but arm lifts do. Basically, arm lifts exchange extra skin for scars.

It’s a fair tradeoff if you want a slimmer arm contour, less jiggle, and a better fit into your clothes. The scars usually fade significantly over time, but they do not ever go away completely.

You can learn more about arm lifts at our information page. And if you’re ready to learn how an arm lift procedure will work for you, contact us to set up a consultation.

I look forward to helping you.

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