Have you noticed that your eyes do not appear as open and bright as they used to? Youthful eyebrows have a wide range of positions and shapes. The most important thing in a brow lift is to determine what brow position and shape maximizes the appearance of your eyes and forehead.

Youthful eyebrow shape and position

For men, brows are usually straight across and near the level of the upper rim of the eye sockets (superior orbital rim). Women may have peaked, curved or straight brows. Classically, the ideal feminine brow starts at the level of the orbital rim and progresses upwards as it extends away from the nose and forms a peak above the orbital rim between the middle and outer thirds of the eyebrow. The remaining outer third of the brow, known as the tail, extends outward and downward, ending above the level that the inner brow started.

Choosing the correct eyebrow lift for you

Basically, the more brow descent you have, the more lift you need. The more lift you need, the longer the scar. Less invasive techniques are available for people needing a small to moderate amount of eyebrow lift.

Temporal / Endoscopic brow lift

Our temporal brow lift uses a short incision behind the hairline in the temples to access the brow and forehead areas. An endoscopic camera is used as necessary to perform the operation. This procedure works well for those needed a small to moderate amount of lift with a normal forehead height.


The coronal lift is recommended for people that need a significant amount of lift and have a normal height forehead. The incision is hidden behind the hairline and extends from temple to temple.

Frontal hairline brow lift

The hairline brow lift places the scar right along the hairline to conceal it. This procedure is designed for those with a high forehead and for those who wish to shorten the height of their forehead. The procedure is generally used for people who need a moderate to significant amount of lift.

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I had a great experience with Dr. Vennemeyer! He, his wife Andrea, and his team are absolutely professional and dedicated. I couldn’t be happier with my results! I was in the best hands throughout the process, from the initial consultation to the recovery and follow ups. I was given detailed information every time, and provided clear and straight forward answers to my many questions. I fully trust his professionalism and skills.

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vennemeyer plastic surgery reviews
Dr. Vennemeyer was so kind and easy to talk to. He listened to my concerns and what I wanted out of the procedure and helped me figure out the best plan for my body type! The office staff was super nice as well. They definitely made me feel comfortable and explained everything in great detail. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of a plastic surgeon.

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vennemeyer plastic surgery reviews
There is not enough incredible words to say how amazing Dr. Vennemeyer and his team is. From the first phone call, appointments before surgery, surgery and all my appointments after have been nothing less then amazing. I absolutely love my results! I highly recommend them to anyone.

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