Do you feel like your eyes make you look tired all the time? Do people frequently ask you if you are tired? Bags can begin to develop under your eyes in your 30s and 40s, and this is a common cause of looking more tired than you feel. Did you know that the shape of your eyes changes significantly over time? Eyes can take on a more downward slant over time, leaving us looking sad. You may also notice extra skin on your eyelashes from your upper eyelids.

Brighter, more youthful eyes

Eyelid lifts, known as blepharoplasty, are designed to rejuvenate the area around your eyes to make you appear younger and well-rested. The upper and lower eyelids are treated together or separately, depending on what you need and want. The procedures are commonly combined with brow lifts and facelifts.

Upper Eyelid Lift

Youthful upper eyelids have smooth skin and a well-defined crease a short distance above your eyelashes. The skin you see between your lashes and the upper eyelid lid crease is called "lid show". The area of lid show is where women typically apply eye shadow. Lid show gradually disappears as you develop extra skin on your upper eyelids, contributing to an aged appearance.

Importance of the Eyebrows when Considering an Upper Eyelid Lift

Your eyebrows have likely moved a little lower on your forehead over time. When your eyebrows descend, they push extra skin onto the upper eyelid area. Often, this makes the upper eyelids appear to have more extra skin than they really have. If you have significant brow descent and you want to rejuvenate your upper eyelids, you will get the best, most natural result through a brow lift and upper eyelid lift.

Details of an Upper Eyelid Lift

  • Incision made in upper eyelid crease
  • Excess skin removed
  • Excess fat removed, as needed
  • Incisions closed meticulously with stitches

Lower Eyelid Lift

There are several factors to consider when it comes to rejuvenating your lower eyelids.

  • Lower eyelid bags: Lower eyelid bags are caused by bulging fat. Your eyes are surrounded by a protective layer of fat in your eye sockets. Your lower eyelids are similar to a dam holding back that fat. Your eyelid tissues become less resilient over time and the fat can begin to bulge. Some people seem to have a genetic predisposition to this and develop it at an earlier age than others.
  • Tear trough: The crease that forms between the lower eyelids and cheeks is called a "tear trough". It usually starts as a subtle change in your 30's. This crease is formed where the eyelid muscles attach to the bone on the lower rim of your eye socket. The crease worsens as the bags protrude more and as your cheek volume descends and deflates with time.
  • Extra lower eyelid skin: Extra skin can be removed through an incision camouflaged beneath the lower eyelashes, but sometimes bulging fat is present without extra skin.
  • Droopy eye shape: Your lower eyelid is suspended in its position similar to a sheet hanging on a clothesline. In the case of your lower eyelids, the "clothesline" is attached to the bone just inside your eye socket near your nose (medial canthus) and at the outer corner of your eyes (lateral canthus). These attachments to the bone weaken with time and the clotheslines droop, resulting in more rounded, down slanting, sadder appearing eyes.

Details of a Lower Eyelid Lift

  • An incision is made under the eyelashes if skin is to be removed. The incision may be made inside the eyelid if no skin removal is planned.
  • Some bulging fat is removed, but some of it is used to fill in the "tear trough" area.
  • The lower eyelid muscle is re-suspended to smoothen your eyelid shape.
  • The "clothesline" attachment of the lower eyelid (lateral canthus) is secured more firmly to the bone with a special stitch, called a canthopexy, to improve your eye shape.
  • Extra skin is removed
  • The incisions are closed meticulously with stitches

What to Expect after an Eyelid Lift

  • Time off work: 1-2 weeks in most cases
  • Avoid exertion: 3 weeks in most cases
  • Mild to moderate bruising and swelling in most cases
  • Mild discomfort for 2-5 days
  • Stitches to be removed at 1 week. Makeup okay after stitches out.
  • Look presentable at 1-2 weeks, depending on the amount of surgery. Upper eyelids look better faster. Lower eyelids take longer to heal.
  • Look natural in pictures 2-3 weeks after upper eyelid lift and 4-6 weeks after lower eyelids.
  • Final result 3-6 months

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vennemeyer plastic surgery reviews
An Excellent physcian should get Excellent reviews. I cant thank him enough! I loved the website and comparing there website to other sites, this one laid everything out on the table. I was great! I have already recommend Dr. V to friends of my and plan to call for a consultation. I looked on the Loftus website and found so much helpful information, I made an appt for a consulation and I knew the moment I hung up the phone I made the right choice! Everyone in the office and Dr. Vennemeyer where so great, they made me feel so comfortable in the decision that I was making. Very professional!.. They helped me pick my size perfect for my body. They listened to my concerns and took there time with me to answer all my questions. The surgery went very smoothly and the recover went just as they had told me. Dr. Vennemeyer seemed like he would take his time and do the surgery until it was absolutely perfect. My results are proof of that. After surgery Dr. Vennemeyer called me at home and gave me his personal phone number and told me to call him anytime for anything. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome! One of the best decisions I have made for myself…and my husband seems happy too! I take my shirt off in front of my husband all the time now… WITH CONFIDENCE! I just recently had my last follow up appt with Dr. V and I am a little sad I wont see him or the office staff but once a year now. Dr. V helped my realize that its not a vanity issue to want to look better, but its a confidence booster and I am worth it!

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vennemeyer plastic surgery reviews
Dr. Vennemeyer and his staff are absolutely amazing! Dr. Vennemeyer is so easy to talk to and extremely professional. He is also very talented and his work looks very natural too. I recommend him to anyone looking for a 5 star experience!

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vennemeyer plastic surgery reviews
So very pleased with this amazing office in Southlake. Staff was helpful and full of knowledge. Dr. Vennemeyer was so detailed and professional. He sat with me to find out what my needs and concerns were and gave me options of how to move forward. I highly recommend everyone to go and visit this office.

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