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We receive patients from all over the Dallas, Fort Worth area for Botox and Facial Fillers. Even non-surgical applications have their risks and our patients rely on the medical expertise of our staff to make sure they are getting the very best treatment for Botox and other injectable applications such as Voluma, Juvederm, Belotero and Radiesse. Also in this category, for reducing lines and wrinkles is chemical peels. The application of Botox and Facial Fillers all have their specific indications and we hope this information helps you to find the right solution.


botox vennemeyer plastic surgeryBotox works by relaxing targeted facial muscles that cause wrinkles. Botox is most commonly used between the eyebrows to treat "11" lines, but can also be used to improve smile lines, forehead lines and marionette lines. Botox has many applications but, by far, the most common is Botox for cosmetic treatments to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. Read on for answers to some of the most common questions we get for Botox.

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Voluma vennemeyer plastic surgery southlakeVoluma is a filler that works well for adding structure and volume to the face - providing a "lifting" effect. It is primarily used to add shape and volume to the cheeks, chin and jawline. It is NOT recommended for lips or superficial wrinkles.

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BeloteroBelotero is designed to be used very close the surface of the skin. It is a fantastic filler for superficial wrinkles or lines in the face. It also works incredibly well for the tear trough area or hollow upper eyelids.

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Radiesse Vennemeyer Plastic SurgeryRadiesse is a filler that works great for enhancing cheek shape and volume. It can also be used to fill deep creases. You see immediate results after injection, plus Radiesse stimulates your body to produce collagen, enhancing your natural volume.

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Chemical Peels Vennemeyer Plastic SurgeryChemical peels improve the quality, texture and color of skin by stimulating a healing response. This causes the body to build new collagen and slough off the rough outer layer of skin and replace it with newer, younger appearing skin. While the results look great, this process should be done in the hands of an expert.

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Botox and Fillers might seem to have similar applications but often there is a best application for your particular situation. Please do your research and consult with Dr. Vennemeyer before you commit to a specific approach. Our first consultation is free and you'll be glad you talked with us.

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vennemeyer plastic surgery reviews
I had a great experience with Dr. Vennemeyer! He, his wife Andrea, and his team are absolutely professional and dedicated. I couldn’t be happier with my results! I was in the best hands throughout the process, from the initial consultation to the recovery and follow ups. I was given detailed information every time, and provided clear and straight forward answers to my many questions. I fully trust his professionalism and skills.

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vennemeyer plastic surgery reviews
I highly recommend Dr. Vennemeyer to anyone considering plastic surgery. I am thrilled with my tummy tuck and liposuction results! My abdomen is tight and flat and the scar is very low and easily hidden by underwear. My belly button looks very natural and the scar is minimal. My hips curve in naturally on the sides and I don’t have any lumps from the liposuction. Dr. Vennemeyer is a skilled an caring doctor with an excellent bed side manner.

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vennemeyer plastic surgery reviews
Dr. Vennemeyer was so kind and easy to talk to. He listened to my concerns and what I wanted out of the procedure and helped me figure out the best plan for my body type! The office staff was super nice as well. They definitely made me feel comfortable and explained everything in great detail. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of a plastic surgeon.

vennemeyer plastic surgery reviews
There is not enough incredible words to say how amazing Dr. Vennemeyer and his team is. From the first phone call, appointments before surgery, surgery and all my appointments after have been nothing less then amazing. I absolutely love my results! I highly recommend them to anyone.

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