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Liposuction is surgery. It's invasive and the procedure should not be taken lightly. Every patient going through plastic surgery should understand the risks, the rewards and the options before embarking on any surgical procedure.

In many cases, liposuction is the right solution. If, for example, you have difficulty getting rid of fat in certain areas of your body despite weight loss and exercise. Liposuction is used to target resistant pockets of fat to sculpt your body into a better shape. Once the excess fat is removed, the skin must retract and tighten for the best possible result to occur. Liposuction can be used to treat many areas throughout the body. Consult with us first and consider your options. We would love to talk with you.


The sides of the chest and "bra roll" areas are frequently treated with liposuction. The thicker skin in these areas tends to retract well.

For patients looking to reduce fat in the upper or lower back, this area responds very well to liposuction. Some of the most dramatic results from liposuction can be seen from patients who undergo this procedure. Many patients don't even consider it because we don't see it as much when we look in the mirror. Liposuction can help achieve a smooth and proportionate appearance.

No matter what liposuction procedure you might be considering, it's worth a call to discuss your options with Dr. Vennemeyer. Call us today! You won't regret it.

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