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Mommy Makeover Breast Augmentation Dallas Fort Worth

After Pregnancy

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeovers - Dallas, Fort Worth, Southlake

You love your kids, right? We are guessing that you feel less affectionate about the effects of pregnancy on your body… mommy makeovers in Dallas / Fort Worth are popular procedures that address the areas most commonly affected by pregnancy—namely your breasts and tummy. In one procedure, you can restore breast fullness and perkiness, a flatter tummy and a smaller waist.


Breast Augmentation

Many of our patients in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area are new moms with the hope of restoring breast fullness, eliminating sagging after pregnancy and breast feeding. Having babies and breastfeeding takes its toll on your breasts. Most women see a significant increase in the size of their breasts during pregnancy and lactation. This can stretch your breast skin beyond its ability to shrink back resulting in sagging and deflation. Many women even lose breast volume after they have children, leaving them with less breast fullness.

Breast fullness and breast sagging are two separate issues. Breast fullness is the amount of volume filling out your breast skin. If your breasts do not have enough volume they will appear deflated. This can be subtle or extreme.

Sagging, drooping or ptosis means that your nipples or breasts are too low. The inframammary folds or breast creases are used as a reference to determine how much drooping you have. The more your breasts and nipples hang below the inframammary fold, the more severe your sagging is.

Sometimes deflation and sagging are separate issues and sometimes they occur at the same time. Dr. Vennemeyer will determine if you have one or both issues. This is important because different procedures are necessary to get a great result. Breast lifts (mastopexy) improve breast sagging and make breasts perkier by removing extra skin and moving your nipples to the right level.

•    Breast augmentation makes your breasts fuller and larger by adding volume with breast implants. This will not make your breasts perkier!

•    Breast augmentation and breast lift combined with make you fuller and perkier.

If you wish your nipples were higher, you probably need a breast lift. Implants alone will not fix this, but if your nipples are only a little low, many women can get a great result with just breast implants (assuming you want fuller, larger breasts). If you just want larger breasts and you are happy with the level of your nipples, breast implants will likely get you the result you want.

Considerations before making the decision (diet, fitness, weight (after giving birth) lifestyle, risks etc.

It’s best to be close to your desired weight prior to breast surgery, especially if your breasts change size significantly when your weight fluctuates. If you drop a lot of pounds after cosmetic breast surgery your breasts may deflate to the point where it could affect your result. If you gain weight your breasts may end up larger than you want. Most women maintain a good result when they are within 5 to 10 pounds of their desired weight. Your risks with surgery drop significantly the closer you are to your ideal weight, so the benefits go beyond aesthetic considerations.

Factors that influence a successful mommy makeover

Get the right sized breast implants

Breast size is probably the biggest source of satisfaction or dissatisfaction after a breast makeover. Dr. Vennemeyer takes extensive measurements and helps you try on breast implant sizers in the office. This allows you to see what a size looks like on you. You can even try on different outfits to get a sense of what your new proportion would look like in different clothes.  The goal is to help you pick a size you will love.

Get the right breast augmentation procedure

Choose the right procedure(s) to get the result you want. Do not make the mistake of getting large implants thinking it will give you a lift. This leads to big problems. Use the right size of implants to give you the size you want and get a lift if you need to be perkier, too. If you want more fullness in your upper breasts, implants are usually necessary. If you want to be the same size, only perkier, a lift alone may do the trick. However, most of the time women with sagging want to enhance the fullness of the upper part of their breasts and cleavage area. Breast augmentation combined with a breast lift is the most common procedure to achieve this. If you want the fullness, the perkiness, but do not want to be any larger, then a breast reduction with implants can make you perkier, add fullness to the right places and keep you around the same size or smaller.

Vennemeyer Plastic Surgery has a tremendous amount of experience with moms post pregnancy wanting to get their pre-pregnancy looks back. We hope this information helps you understand the issues and the possibilities with your procedures. We know it doesn't answer every question you might have that is why we suggest a consultation. If you live in Dallas, Fort Worth or anywhere within driving distance, we'd be happy to discuss with you in person some of the procedures associated with the mommy makeover. Call us today! You won't regret it.

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