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Mommy makeover-what exactly is it?

After Pregnancy

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeovers - Dallas, Fort Worth, Southlake

You love your kids, right? We are guessing that you feel less affectionate about the effects of pregnancy on your body… mommy makeovers in Dallas / Fort Worth are popular procedures that address the areas most commonly affected by pregnancy—namely your breasts and tummy. In one procedure, you can restore breast fullness and perkiness, a flatter tummy and a smaller waist.


Mommy Makeover DallasA mommy makeover focuses on two main areas that are seriously affected during pregnancy - specifically the breasts and the midsection. Because every female body is different, so is every mommy makeover.

Many women find that pregnancy and breastfeeding leave their breasts looking deflated and saggy. The breast portion of your mommy makeover procedure may include breast augmentation to restore your former fullness or to increase you to your new desired cup size. If you are happy with your size and want to be perkier, a breast lift may be the best procedure for you. A breast augmentation and lift will make you larger and perkier. If you want smaller breasts after pregnancy, a breast reduction could be part of your mommy makeover.

Now let's talk about your midsection. Many women find it very difficult getting a flat tummy after pregnancy, despite a lot of exercise, healthy diet and weight loss. If you have been doing sit-ups without results, you may have a "diastasis". This is a widening of the space between your six-pack muscles (rectus muscles). It is like someone loosened a belt around your core. During your tummy tuck, Dr. Vennemeyer will place stitches to pull the muscles closer together to tighten your core and make your tummy flatter. Any areas of excess fat around the core can be treated with liposuction to improve your shape. Dr. Vennemeyer often performs circumferential liposuction around the waist and abdomen, which he calls 360 Lipo, as part of the mommy makeovers in Dallas he performs. This can provide more dramatic results than liposuction of the hips alone.

Vennemeyer Plastic Surgery has a tremendous amount of experience with moms post pregnancy wanting to get their pre-pregnancy looks back. We hope this information helps you understand the issues and the possibilities with your procedures. We know it doesn't answer every question you might have that is why we suggest a consultation. If you live in Dallas, Fort Worth or anywhere within driving distance, we'd be happy to discuss with you in person some of the procedures associated with the mommy makeover. Call us today! You won't regret it.

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