Virtual Consultation

For a Virtual Consultation, Follow These Easy Steps!

Safety First

You must be:

BMI under 30*
No Nicotine Use EXCEPT for breast augmentation, liposuction or BBL. (Otherwise, please refrain from nicotine for at least 7 days prior to scheduling your virtual consultation)
No serious medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, history of blood clots, bleeding or clotting disorders, autoimmune conditions like lupus or chron’s, or heart disease)

If you meet this criteria, proceed to #2.

2 Fill out the form to the right
For your free consultation, get pre-approved
by following the below steps:

If you opt not to get pre-approved, a $150 virtual consultation fee applies and will be credited towards your procedure when you book.

Go to to determine
your exact credit score for free!
Based on your score, apply through the below link
that corresponds to your credit score.
(ranges for pre-approval applications: breast
procedures: $5850 - $9980, Tummy Tuck and/or
360 liposuction from $8860, BBL from $10,500,
Mommy Makeovers from $12,900)
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