4 Myths About Plastic Surgery and 3 Benefits You Won’t Believe

Plastic surgery pops up in our lives quite often. From celebrities getting work done to your friend’s new nose, we all carry some idea of what it is and why people do it. And many of those ideas are wrong. Plastic surgery is one of medicine’s more mythologized practices, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Myth 1: Only Vain, Impulsive People Get Plastic Surgery

This myth is entrenched into the traditional idea of plastic surgery. After all, the stigma is who else but the vainest, most vapid person would get plastic surgery? But this is far from reality. The majority of individuals that elect to get plastic surgery are quite aware of the balance between body and mind. It’s not as if one day you notice your eyebrows are droopy, so you call the surgeon and schedule a facelift. Plastic surgery starts with research, often long hours of it. Then there are plenty of consultations with doctors to find out if plastic surgery is the right choice. This can actually weed out the most impulsive, vain folks and leaves the majority of patients with realistic expectations of what they’re getting into.

Myth 2: Plastic Surgery Means You Don’t Love Your Body

It’s true, we live in a society that places a high value on looks. And of course, we should all take care of the body we’re in. For some people, loving their body means making it line up with how they see themselves on the inside. A majority of those that get plastic surgery do not see the body as something to be punished. Rather, they love their body enough to realize how best to balance body and mind. The idea, then, is to line up the mind and body. This too is a form of love. Finding it after research and introspection that lead to surgery is just as valid a path as any other.

Myth 3: Only Super Rich People Get Work Done

While it is true that plastic surgery is not cheap, if only celebrities and millionaires were getting work done, the industry wouldn’t be as thriving and nuanced as it is today. The truth is, plenty of everyday people elect to get plastic surgery. As mentioned above, they think about it and do their research, know themselves enough to know what to change, and have realistic ideas of what the work entails. For some folks, saving up for a breast augmentation or tummy tuck is just as rewarding as saving up for a new car. Moreover, they get to experience a body that makes them much more confident each day. A wise investment indeed.

Myth 4: Any Doctor Will Do

There are many kinds of plastic surgeons. Some only work on reconstruction, others cosmetic. As mentioned, doing thorough research is required. Reading reviews, watching testimonials, and looking at before and after pictures to get an idea of the process are all good ideas. Remember, you shouldn’t just call the first surgeon you see and go under the knife.

Benefit 1: It’s Proven You’ll Feel Better

A study by the University of Florida found that women who elect to get breast augmentation feel measurably better about themselves and their sexuality. Rather than being driven by vanity, they find satisfaction in the work done. This also notes the importance of women’s health and sexuality. While much research has focused on men’s feelings in these areas, women are just as likely to deal with issues and need recourse. Feeling better after plastic surgery, then, can be part of an overall wellness strategy.

Benefit 2: Once Lipo Removes Fat Cells, They’re Gone for Good

We’re all born with all the fat cells we’ll ever have. But they can grow and shrink over time depending on diet and exercise. Liposuction actually removes them forever. So, no, they can’t “come back elsewhere.” In fact, they’ll be gone for good! This may reduce risks of high blood pressure and heart conditions. Some people also find it easier to keep weight off after the procedure, as their new figure may inspire healthier choices.

Benefit 3: Your Quality of Life Improves

Not only do you look and feel better, but your life may actually improve, too. That new found feeling of confidence may inspire you to ask for a raise, pursue a new career, or dive back into the dating pool. Many unexpected results could occur. You may find your new positivity leads to better social gatherings or stronger friendships. While you’ll look better, it’s also because you’re feeling better and more confident that ultimately will lead to even greater benefits.