Breast Augmentation Details

Breast Augmentation cases

Breast Augmentation or Breast Enhancement Surgery with Breast Implants remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. If you’re looking for fuller, larger breasts, then a breast augmentation could be right for you. Check out Dr. Vennemeyer’s before and after photos to see the how much your breast size and shape could improve.

breast augmentation Case 1

breast augmentation Case 1

Implant Type: High Profile Silicone
Implant Size: 345 cc
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 100 lbs

breast augmentation Case 2

breast augmentation Case 2

Implant Type: High Profile Silicone
Implant Size: 365 cc
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 120 lbs

breast augmentation Case 3

breast augmentation Case 3

Implant Type: Moderate Plus Profile Silicone
Implant Size: Left 275 cc;
Right 295 cc
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 105 lbs

breast augmentation Case 4

breast augmentation Case 4

Implant Type: Moderate Plus Profile Silicone
Implant Size: 600 cc
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 135 lbs

breast augmentation Case 5

breast augmentation Case 5

Implant Type: Moderate Plus Profile Silicone
Implant Size: 425 cc
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 124 lbs

breast augmentation Case 6

breast augmentation Case 6

Implant Type: High Profile Silicone
Implant Size: 325 cc
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 103 lbs

breast augmentation Case 7

breast augmentation Case 7

Implant Type: High Profile Silicone
Implant Size: 350 cc
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 115 lbs

breast augmentation Case 8

breast augmentation Case 8

Implant Type: High Profile Silicone
Implant Size: 560 cc
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 134 lbs

Inside Look at a Breast Augmentation

When you close your eyes and picture your ideal breasts, what do you envision? Knowing what you want to achieve is the first step in getting the right result. Maybe you want a natural-looking breast augmentation or to replace lost volume as a result of breastfeeding. Or, perhaps a Mommy Makeover, combining rejuvenation of your breasts and body, is a better fit. Let us help you discover what is possible.

payment plans

With great financing options and low monthly payments starting from $130/month a breast augmentation can fit into any budget. Depending on pre-approval, you may have as little as zero down! Check pre-approval here.

breast augmentation & lift

  • $0 down payment

  • $1000 down payment



  • $0 down payment

  • $1000 down payment


breast augmentation & lift

  • $0 down payment

  • $1000 down payment



  • $0 down payment

  • $1000 down payment


How to pick the right breast implants for you

Have you ever seen breast augmentation results that look amazing? Many things have to come together for this to happen, but one of the biggest factors is implant fit. Which jeans look best on you? The pair that fits your waist, hips and thighs just right always shows off your body the best. We look at breast implant sizing the same way.
Breast Implant Size Matter

does breast implant size matter?

Of course size matters! For most women, their final breast size is the most important thing that impacts their happiness with the final results of a breast augmentation. Often, our patients have a perfect cup size in mind when they arrive for their first consultation. This is a helpful place to start, but breast implant volumes do not translate directly into cup sizes. This is the case because final cup size depends on how much tissue you have to start with combined with the volume added by the implants.

In our experience, women are happiest with their final breast size when we use estimated cup size as a starting point to pick a range of implants. Next, we use implant sizers to narrow it down to the size they like best. Sizers give you the opportunity to “try on” your new breasts before you have the procedure. Our sizing room has multiple mirrors like a dressing room, giving you the unique opportunity to try on different sizes to see which ones give you the proportions you want. Be sure to bring some different outfits with you the day of your consultation. We suggest a range of 2-3 tops or dresses.

silicone vs. saline

Most women requesting breast augmentation in our practice choose the softest silicone gummy breast implants because they feel softer and more natural than saline. Silicone implants also have the advantages forming less ripples. Round silicone implants are filled with a gel that closely mimics the feel of natural breast tissue. Silicone implants have a distinct advantage over saline implants in women with thinner tissues. Saline implants tend to feel firmer, less natural and weigh more. They have been declining in popularity over the past several years, but can provide a good result in the right patient. If you already have saline implants and are considering a switch to silicone, you can learn more on our breast augmentation revision page.

Silicone Vs. Saline

gummy implants

What are “gummy” or “gummy bear” breast implants?

Gummy breast implants are silicone implants that have thicker gel than previous generations of silicone breast implants. The thicker gel feels natural and forms less ripples than thinner gel silicone implants. In the event of rupture, gummy implants have reduced leakage of gel.

Should I choose gummy breast implants for my breast augmentation?

Absolutely! The better question is how gummy should you go? Most modern silicone implants can be considered “gummy” because they have more cohesive gel than in the past. There are multiple varieties of gummy implants that range in thickness or cohesivity. They range from very soft to slightly more firm. Dr. Vennemeyer can help you determine the right amount of “gummy-ness” for you.

What are the advantages of gummy breast implants?

The thicker gel in gummy breast implants reduces the formation of ripples or folds with movement of the gel. The more cohesive the gel, the fewer ripples. More cohesive also means the implants hold their round shape to a greater degree. This gives Dr. Vennemeyer more artistic control to create your desired shape when performing your breast augmentation, whether you want a more rounded or a more teardrop shaped result.

What are the different types of gummy breast implants?

There are 3 levels of “gummy-ness.” They are all great choices for breast augmentation, but there may be advantages for a specific level of cohesiveness in your case.

Gummy: Inspira (Softest)

  1. Best option for most women
  2. These are the most popular and softest silicone breast implants from Allergan.
  3. The gel is very thick, but still has a little flow to it.
  4. Less ripples than saline implants and older generation silicone implants.
  5. Forms more teardrop shape when you stand; more round when you lie flat.
  6. Great for natural appearing results
  7. Least expensive

Gummier: Soft Touch (Medium soft)

  1. “Soft Touch” breast implants are more cohesive (thicker) than the Inspira implants with less resulting flow of the gel.
  2. Slightly firmer feel
  3. Slightly less rippling
  4. Balances characteristics of Inspira and Cohesive for those who want an intermediate option, cannot decide or don’t want to spring for the extra cost of the cohesive.
  5. Intermediate cost between Cohesive and Inspira

Gummiest: Cohesive (Firmest, but still soft)

  1. Cohesive (thick) gel that does not flow
  2. Least ripples—advantageous for women with very thin tissues.
  3. Holds rounder shape in all positions—good for women who want a very rounded shape.
  4. Shape stability can help women with shape problems, like constricted breasts, where a molding effect can help create a better final breast shape.
  5. Good for women who want maximum upper breast fullness
  6. Thought to have less potential for rupture
  7. Most expensive

How do I choose which cohesive breast implants are best for me?

Dr. Vennemeyer will make it easy to choose which implants are best for you during your consultation.

  • He combines your goals along with important factors from your unique body and recommends a plan to get the best results possible.
  • Feel confident knowing that most often any of the gummy implants will give you a good result.
  • Patients often prefer the feel of one versus the other as the deciding factor.
Breast Augmentation Case 11
Breast Augmentation Case 12

Breast augmentation incisions are commonly located in the breast crease (inframammary fold), around the areola, or in the armpit. The most common incision is the breast crease. In our opinion, this location hides the scar best. Also, some studies have shown lower infection rates when implants are inserted through the breast crease compared to the armpit or areola. Capsular contracture rates may also be lower when the breast crease incision is used. For these reasons, we recommend the breast crease incision for most women; however, the areolar incision or armpit incision may be preferred or have advantages in select cases.

Using some muscle…

When plastic surgeons talk about over or under the muscle in breast augmentations, the muscle they are referring to is the pectoralis major or “pec”. There are a lot of advantages to placing breast implants under your pec muscles. For women with thin tissues, the muscle adds an extra layer of padding to reduce the likelihood of visible ripples in the upper breasts or cleavage area, resulting in a more natural breast augmentation. The pressure of the muscles on the upper portion of the implants can also improve your breast shape. Additionally, studies have shown lower rates of capsular contracture in women who have their implants under the muscle.

Rapid Recovery after Breast Augmentation

  • Do your procedure Friday -> Back to work Monday!

Rapid recovery after breast augmentation involves return to most normal activities of daily living within 24 hours of your procedure. This means that you can go shopping, go out to dinner, go to a movie and go for a long walk within 24 hours of surgery. Most patients can avoid narcotic pain medicine after 24 hours with the use of anti-inflammatories and Tylenol. You can drive as soon as you feel comfortable and safe doing so, as long as you have not taken any narcotics within the previous 24 hours. This could be as soon as 24 hours after surgery if you avoid narcotics entirely.

Special techniques are used to minimize pain and inflammation. During your procedure, Dr. Vennemeyer strives for the following things to facilitate a rapid recovery for his patients:

  1. Less than ½ teaspoon of blood loss during surgery
  2. Very precise formation of pocket with great care to avoid unnecessary trauma to tissues
  3. Using breast implants that fit your body, respecting the limits of your tissues
  4. Intra-operative injections to minimize breast discomfort post-op
  5. Medications to help you recovery fast with minimal discomfort