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5 Tips for Getting the Breast Shape You Want
Maybe you found before and after pictures that you love or perhaps you have always wanted to change something about your breast shape. Breast augmentation is not just about size—getting beautifully shaped breasts that look great in a bikini or nothing at all is important to most women. This article reviews 5 important factors that must be addressed to get the breast shape you want.

  1. Use implant shape to get the right amount of fullness:
    How much fullness do you want in the upper portion of your breasts? If you want a lot of fullness without a push up bra, then you should consider high profile round implants. Moderate plus profile round implants tend to give you a moderate amount of fullness in the upper breasts. The anatomical shaped “gummy bear” implants give you more tear drop shaped breasts.
  2. Get perfect proportion with the right implant base width:
    When I measure patients during a consultation, the diameter of your breasts is one of the most important numbers to consider. This tells us what range of implant sizes will fit the footprint of your breasts on your chest perfectly.
  3. Improve deflation with the ideal implant volume:
    There is a range of volume that may be required to fill up your breasts enough to make them look best. This is most critical for women with deflation after breastfeeding or weight loss. This is a number that I estimate when doing measurements.
  4. Get the perkiness you want:
    Sagging can be caused by insufficient breast volume (deflation), too much skin or a combination of the two. My patients’ goals guide my recommendations here. If the implant size you like fills your breast skin enough to get the desired shape, an augmentation is the right procedure. If the desired implant size will not provide enough inflation or “lift” effect, a breast lift or mastopexy is needed in addition to augmentation to get the result you want.
  5. Get the contours you want:
    Many women do not like the shape of their breasts. This can be a result of having constricted or tubular breasts. This is a situation where your breast creases are too high, your breasts are too narrow and the shape is more tubular rather than round or tear-dropped. Your shape can be significantly improved with special techniques during your procedure. Learn more about Constricted Breasts here.

Another contour issue may be the shape or size of your nipples or areolae. We can reduce the size or improve the symmetry of your nipples or areolae during most breast procedures, giving you a more ideal aesthetic result.

The important thing to remember is that you do not need to know or remember all of this information. It is intended to help you understand the process if you are interested in the details. We are really good at helping patients figure out their goals so that we can translate that into the right procedure to get you the results you want. We are committed to making the process as fun and easy as possible.

If you are ready to move forward towards your goals for fuller, better-shaped breasts, contact us to set up a consultation with Dr. Vennemeyer today and experience what sets Vennemeyer Plastic Surgery apart.