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Blog about Brachioplasty and Arm Contouring from our Southlake Cosmetic Surgeon

Brachioplasty or Arm Lift

One of the biggest complaints I hear from patients is related to sagging, excess arm skin and extra arm fat. Think of all the difficulties that come with saggy arms:

  • Your clothes don’t fit well and you need a bigger size to accommodate your arms
  • Your arms jiggle
  • Exercise will tone muscle, but it will not tighten skin.

If you lose a significant amount of weight at any age, your arms can look deflated and saggy. In most cases, your skin has been stretched too far to rebound. Some women even have a genetic predisposition to weight gain in their arms. At younger ages, though, your skin may be tighter if you have bigger arms.

Regardless of why your arms are saggy, the approach used to address the situation depends on your skin’s tightness and the amount of fat present. If you have tight skin, but extra fat, you may only need liposuction. It’s great when this is an option because only a few tiny incisions would be needed.

If you have loose, saggy skin, then a brachioplasty (arm lift) is best for you. It is a more involved procedure, but it is the only way to significantly reduce excess, saggy skin.

The length of the scar depends on the amount of skin to be removed and where it’s hanging. If you’re like most women, you will have an incision on the inside surface of your upper arm. Making the incision there helps conceal most of it. You can extend the incision into the armpit or onto the side of your chest to create the best contour.

You can get better results if you have extra fat and skin available. In that case, a combination liposuction and arm lift works best. These are just some of the basic concepts of arm lifts - every patient requires a custom approach.

Additional Considerations

One of the major tradeoffs for any body contouring procedure is scars. Liposuction does not create any major visible scars, but arm lifts do. Basically, arm lifts exchange extra skin for scars.

It’s a fair tradeoff if you want a slimmer arm contour, less jiggle, and a better fit into your clothes. The scars usually fade significantly over time, but they do not ever go away completely.

You can learn more about arm lifts at our information page. And if you’re ready to learn how an arm lift procedure will work for you, contact us to set up a consultation.

I look forward to helping you.