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Bigger butts are big news these days. Because of this, along with legitimate options like Brazilian butt lifts, a whole host of off-the-shelf “quick fixes” have popped up to meet demand. Here are some thoughts on three of these products from three local moms.

“Wedgie Fit” Jeans

Wedgie Fit Jeans
Gloria H. “‘Wedgie’ indeed! I felt like they were riding up all day. Not cool. Plus I really don’t want to answer ‘wedgie’ if a girlfriend asks me what kind of jeans I’ve got on.”

Debra R.: “I felt like I was just wearing high-waisted jeans, not that my butt looked any better. And what’s with the rolled up cuffs? It just feels like I am covering up for the fact that I bought too-short jeans.”

Gayle M. “For supposedly accentuating a nice butt, I feel like they still can't figure out how to make them so they fit the waist and the hips correctly. Fail.”

Padded Panties

Padded Panties
Gloria H. “Literally like I just strapped two pillows to my butt and called it a day. Not natural looking.”

Debra R. “These are like SUPER uncomfortable to sit on. I thought having some extra padding in my undies would be comfy, but it’s weirdly not.”

Gayle M. “These feel oddly like a medical device. Like I broke my tailbone so my doctor was like ‘wear these for 2 weeks and sorry you will look and feel ridiculous.’”

Butt Lift In A Box

Butt Lift In A Box
Gloria H. “I swear late night infomercials used to peddle this stuff for your boobs back in the day. Obviously it did not work then and didn’t work now.”

Debra R. “I skipped this one. I have allergy-prone skin and I am not taking chances on that.”

Gayle M. “Seriously? Just call it snake oil. At least it’d be more honest that way.”

While all these products promise a bigger butt, the only way to ensure natural results that last a lifetime is with a consultation from Dr. Vennemeyer. Call us today for an appointment, and skip the mystery creams and weird jeans.