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5 Responses To Plastic Surgery Shaming

Dealing with shaming from others is, unfortunately, sometimes a result of getting plastic surgery. You are, of course, under no obligation to respond to them or engage with their trolling. However, if you do feel the need to stick up for yourself, your body, and your choices, here are some tips to help you out.

My Body, My Choices

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Much of the shaming women experience when they decide plastic surgery is right for them is because other people feel like they have some sort of say when it comes to your body. Don’t be afraid to remind them that this is your body and you can do what you want with it. Other people do not own it, nor do they have the right to make comments about it.

I’m Not Doing This For Anyone But Myself

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Some folks may comment that the choice to get plastic surgery must “be for a man” or something along those lines. For this sort of shaming, feel free to tell them, as in point one, that this is for yourself alone. The choice is not to please a man or make anyone like you, it’s because you decided it’s what’s best for your own body.

This Was Not An Impulse Buy

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As you are likely well aware, the choice to get plastic surgery involves plenty of research and long days spent thinking about what is right for you. It’s not like rushing into Target and going on a shopping spree. Anyone who feels like shaming you with the phrase "you’re just doing it without thinking about it” clearly has not done their own research into how plastic surgery works and the process of deciding on doctors, procedures, risks, and rewards.

Yes, I Considered This Important Enough To Save Up For

Money saved up for plastic surgery
Sometimes people may disguise their shaming with phrases along the lines of “well how could you afford that!?” or “aren’t there better things to spend your hard-earned money on?” This might be a perfect time to ask such people if they’ve ever saved up for anything they considered important, like a new car or a fancy tech gadget. If something is important to you, it’s perfectly reasonable to find ways to pay for it.

This Body Is Just As “Real” As Any Other

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People have a bad habit of shaming plastic surgery by calling it “fake” and anything else “real.” But that means everything from pushup bras, makeup, and hair curlers to tanning and Spanx can also be called “fake.” This is an arbitrary line to draw. Rather, you body is still as “real” as you say it is, and it is your choice how to frame whatever you decide to do with it.

Should I Worry About Bruising?

Should I Worry About Bruising?
Plastic surgery, like any kind of surgery, involves cutting, shaping, and other medical techniques. Tools like scalpels and stitches are used. This means that bruising will occur. But does that bruising pose a problem? Should you be worried?

Bruising Is Normal

Bruising is bound to happen. There’s really no way around it. It is a totally normal, natural part of the healing process. Your body is working hard to recover so you can get back to life. This will take some time and patience. Remember not to re-bruise the affected areas. Take care not to bump into things or do activities that risk hurting any areas that have bruising. You may have to take it slow for a little while until things heal. Dr. Vennemeyer and you will discuss when you can get back to various activities and how long you can expect the healing process to take.

There’s Gonna Be Some Weird Colors

Purple, yellow, brown: these are all potential colors your bruises could take on. This is usually normal. It’s part of the healing process. Remember when you were a kid and bumped your arm too hard and gathered all your friends around to look at the cool colors? Those colors still happen as an adult. They indicate various points in the healing process. Plus, light hitting varying layers of skin can also change the way your bruises look in various conditions. To get the best idea, stay in a well-lit room with neutral-colored lighting and make a note of your progress.

When In Doubt, Ask The Doctor

Dr. Vennemeyer and his staff are always available to answer your questions. Feel free to call us and ask away. Some things to keep in mind: call us if your bruises do not seem to heal after a long time, if they seem to be getting worse, or they start spreading way beyond any surgery affected areas. These are usually rare, however. Even if everything is going normally and you just need some reassurance, we’re happy to talk. Bruising and healing are a normal part of surgery recovery, and we want you to have the best possible experience.

What’s That Texas Summer Sun Got To Do With Your Plastic Surgery? The Surprising Answer

What’s That Texas Summer Sun Got to Do with Your Plastic Surgery?Summer has rolled in, and you are ready for it! You’ve got the pool, the iced drinks, and maybe even a new tummy or booty to show off, too. Time to bask in the sun and soak it all in, right?

However, if you’ve recently had plastic surgery, you need to be extra careful of that hot summer sun. Why? Because the recovery process has some effects on your skin, namely its sensitivity to sun and damage. Without taking some simple precautions, you could be compromising healing and results.

After plastic surgery, the skin is especially sensitive to sun damage. That is because your skin is working hard to heal itself after surgery. Remember, plastic surgery, like all surgery, does involve sterilization, incisions, and other activities that require the skin to heal afterwards. Exposing these healing areas to the sun, even if you feel up to basking by the pool, may not be the best idea. Damaging UV radiation is always a concern, but remember your skin is healing and especially vulnerable after surgery. These concerns apply in tanning beds and booths as well.

This sensitivity to the sun means to take extra care to use sunblock, and ideally keeping all areas affected covered until you get the all clear from your plastic surgeon. Regularly moisturizing the skin and using proper skincare techniques should all also occur. Of course, you will have follow-up appointments and aftercare instructions to follow, so be sure to stick to these.

Now, all of this does not mean you cannot go out and enjoy your new found confidence, but it does mean ensuring your health comes first. In the hot Texas summer, you can still have fun in the sun after you have done your research. Speaking to Dr. Vennemeyer about any questions you have is a good start. Make sure to mention the kinds of outdoor activities you plan on enjoying.

4 Myths About Plastic Surgery and 3 Benefits You Won’t Believe

4 Myths About Plastic Surgery and 3 Benefits You Won't BelievePlastic surgery pops up in our lives quite often. From celebrities getting work done to your friend’s new nose, we all carry some idea of what it is and why people do it. And many of those ideas are wrong. Plastic surgery is one of medicine’s more mythologized practices, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Myth 1: Only Vain, Impulsive People Get Plastic Surgery

This myth is entrenched into the traditional idea of plastic surgery. After all, the stigma is who else but the vainest, most vapid person would get plastic surgery? But this is far from reality. The majority of individuals that elect to get plastic surgery are quite aware of the balance between body and mind.

It’s not as if one day you notice your eyebrows are droopy, so you call the surgeon and schedule a facelift. Plastic surgery starts with research, often long hours of it. Then there are plenty of consultations with doctors to find out if plastic surgery is the right choice. This can actually weed out the most impulsive, vain folks and leaves the majority of patients with realistic expectations of what they’re getting into.

Myth 2: Plastic Surgery Means You Don’t Love Your Body

It’s true, we live in a society that places a high value on looks. And of course, we should all take care of the body we’re in. For some people, loving their body means making it line up with how they see themselves on the inside. A majority of those that get plastic surgery do not see the body as something to be punished. Rather, they love their body enough to realize how best to balance body and mind.

The idea, then, is to line up the mind and body. This too is a form of love. Finding it after research and introspection that lead to surgery is just as valid a path as any other.

Myth 3: Only Super Rich People Get Work Done

While it is true that plastic surgery is not cheap, if only celebrities and millionaires were getting work done, the industry wouldn’t be as thriving and nuanced as it is today. The truth is, plenty of everyday people elect to get plastic surgery. As mentioned above, they think about it and do their research, know themselves enough to know what to change, and have realistic ideas of what the work entails.

For some folks, saving up for a breast augmentation or tummy tuck is just as rewarding as saving up for a new car. Moreover, they get to experience a body that makes them much more confident each day. A wise investment indeed.

Myth 4: Any Doctor Will Do

There are many kinds of plastic surgeons. Some only work on reconstruction, others cosmetic. As mentioned, doing thorough research is required. Reading reviews, watching testimonials, and looking at before and after pictures to get an idea of the process are all good ideas. Remember, you shouldn't just call the first surgeon you see and go under the knife.

Benefit 1: It’s Proven You’ll Feel Better

A study by the University of Florida found that women who elect to get breast augmentation feel measurably better about themselves and their sexuality. Rather than being driven by vanity, they find satisfaction in the work done.

This also notes the importance of women’s health and sexuality. While much research has focused on men’s feelings in these areas, women are just as likely to deal with issues and need recourse. Feeling better after plastic surgery, then, can be part of an overall wellness strategy.

Benefit 2: Once Lipo Removes Fat Cells, They’re Gone for Good

We’re all born with all the fat cells we’ll ever have. But they can grow and shrink over time depending on diet and exercise. Liposuction actually removes them forever. So, no, they can’t “come back elsewhere." In fact, they’ll be gone for good! This may reduce risks of high blood pressure and heart conditions. Some people also find it easier to keep weight off after the procedure, as their new figure may inspire healthier choices.

Benefit 3: Your Quality of Life Improves

Not only do you look and feel better, but your life may actually improve, too. That new found feeling of confidence may inspire you to ask for a raise, pursue a new career, or dive back into the dating pool. Many unexpected results could occur. You may find your new positivity leads to better social gatherings or stronger friendships. While you’ll look better, it’s also because you’re feeling better and more confident that ultimately will lead to even greater benefits.

Think You Can Spot Plastic Surgery? Think Again!

Plastic surgery is totally obvious, right? At least, that's the gist to get from folks that claim they totally know who got what done. But is it really that easy to spot? If, after all, breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery, it must be easy to spot. Not so fast.

Take a mommy makeover, for example. Every woman looks different after she's had a baby, right? But consider this, after the baby, mom is going to bounce back. Her baby bump's going to flatten and after breastfeeding her breasts will fill out again. That's entirely natural and healthy.

And it may have come from a plastic surgeon. Often, moms find that to get their natural, pre-baby figure back, augmentation is the way to go. The breasts end up looking just like they did, and any outside observer is none the wiser.

Mommy Makeover Spot Plastic Surgery

The same goes for the tummy. Of course, after the baby, mom's going to hit the gym. And she may call up the plastic surgeon, too. After a few weeks of shedding post-baby weight, she'll be back to her shapely self, and you'll think it was all long hours in the gym. But, a tummy tuck and liposuction go a long way to getting a flatter, more natural post-baby belly.

Sometimes, diastasis can cause the muscles in the stomach to spread apart. Many moms find that a tummy tuck and a little lipo tighten things up. They step out in a bikini again, and you just reflect on the hours of cardio it must have taken..

But you can totally spot a facelift, right? Consider this: one day, your coworker comes back from her vacation looking livelier and more awake. The time off has done her good, you realize.

Although, it's possible she's had a facelift. The popular idea of a facelift is far from reality. In fact, you may just chalk it up to improved makeup techniques and a spa day. Again, your friend looks natural, just like a better version of themselves.

Face Lift Spot Surgery

All of these procedures are designed to create natural figures. Your best friend isn't going to pop into the doctor's office one day and pop out looking like Jessica Rabbit. Instead, she'll just look like what she always saw in herself. And all you'll likely see is a happier, more confident friend.

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