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Should I Worry About Bruising?
Plastic surgery, like any kind of surgery, involves cutting, shaping, and other medical techniques. Tools like scalpels and stitches are used. This means that bruising will occur. But does that bruising pose a problem? Should you be worried?

Bruising Is Normal

Bruising is bound to happen. There’s really no way around it. It is a totally normal, natural part of the healing process. Your body is working hard to recover so you can get back to life. This will take some time and patience. Remember not to re-bruise the affected areas. Take care not to bump into things or do activities that risk hurting any areas that have bruising. You may have to take it slow for a little while until things heal. Dr. Vennemeyer and you will discuss when you can get back to various activities and how long you can expect the healing process to take.

There’s Gonna Be Some Weird Colors

Purple, yellow, brown: these are all potential colors your bruises could take on. This is usually normal. It’s part of the healing process. Remember when you were a kid and bumped your arm too hard and gathered all your friends around to look at the cool colors? Those colors still happen as an adult. They indicate various points in the healing process. Plus, light hitting varying layers of skin can also change the way your bruises look in various conditions. To get the best idea, stay in a well-lit room with neutral-colored lighting and make a note of your progress.

When In Doubt, Ask The Doctor

Dr. Vennemeyer and his staff are always available to answer your questions. Feel free to call us and ask away. Some things to keep in mind: call us if your bruises do not seem to heal after a long time, if they seem to be getting worse, or they start spreading way beyond any surgery affected areas. These are usually rare, however. Even if everything is going normally and you just need some reassurance, we’re happy to talk. Bruising and healing are a normal part of surgery recovery, and we want you to have the best possible experience.