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Plastic surgery is totally obvious, right? At least, that's the gist to get from folks that claim they totally know who got what done. But is it really that easy to spot? If, after all, breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery, it must be easy to spot. Not so fast.

Take a mommy makeover, for example. Every woman looks different after she's had a baby, right? But consider this, after the baby, mom is going to bounce back. Her baby bump's going to flatten and after breastfeeding her breasts will fill out again. That's entirely natural and healthy.

And it may have come from a plastic surgeon. Often, moms find that to get their natural, pre-baby figure back, augmentation is the way to go. The breasts end up looking just like they did, and any outside observer is none the wiser.

Mommy Makeover Spot Plastic Surgery

The same goes for the tummy. Of course, after the baby, mom's going to hit the gym. And she may call up the plastic surgeon, too. After a few weeks of shedding post-baby weight, she'll be back to her shapely self, and you'll think it was all long hours in the gym. But, a tummy tuck and liposuction go a long way to getting a flatter, more natural post-baby belly.

Sometimes, diastasis can cause the muscles in the stomach to spread apart. Many moms find that a tummy tuck and a little lipo tighten things up. They step out in a bikini again, and you just reflect on the hours of cardio it must have taken..

But you can totally spot a facelift, right? Consider this: one day, your coworker comes back from her vacation looking livelier and more awake. The time off has done her good, you realize.

Although, it's possible she's had a facelift. The popular idea of a facelift is far from reality. In fact, you may just chalk it up to improved makeup techniques and a spa day. Again, your friend looks natural, just like a better version of themselves.

Face Lift Spot Surgery

All of these procedures are designed to create natural figures. Your best friend isn't going to pop into the doctor's office one day and pop out looking like Jessica Rabbit. Instead, she'll just look like what she always saw in herself. And all you'll likely see is a happier, more confident friend.