What’s That Texas Summer Sun Got To Do With Your Plastic Surgery?

Summer has rolled in, and you are ready for it! You’ve got the pool, the iced drinks, and maybe even a new tummy or booty to show off, too. Time to bask in the sun and soak it all in, right?However, if you’ve recently had plastic surgery, you need to be extra careful of that hot summer sun. Why? Because the recovery process has some effects on your skin, namely its sensitivity to sun and damage. Without taking some simple precautions, you could be compromising healing and results.

After plastic surgery, the skin is especially sensitive to sun damage. That is because your skin is working hard to heal itself after surgery. Remember, plastic surgery, like all surgery, does involve sterilization, incisions, and other activities that require the skin to heal afterwards. Exposing these healing areas to the sun, even if you feel up to basking by the pool, may not be the best idea. Damaging UV radiation is always a concern, but remember your skin is healing and especially vulnerable after surgery. These concerns apply in tanning beds and booths as well.

This sensitivity to the sun means to take extra care to use sunblock, and ideally keeping all areas affected covered until you get the all clear from your plastic surgeon. Regularly moisturizing the skin and using proper skincare techniques should all also occur. Of course, you will have follow-up appointments and aftercare instructions to follow, so be sure to stick to these.

Now, all of this does not mean you cannot go out and enjoy your new found confidence, but it does mean ensuring your health comes first. In the hot Texas summer, you can still have fun in the sun after you have done your research. Speaking to Dr. Vennemeyer about any questions you have is a good start. Make sure to mention the kinds of outdoor activities you plan on enjoying.