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Why do You Want a Perfect Butt?

You probably want a perfect butt for the same reason everyone else does—our brains are programmed with what the perfect backside looks like on a prospective candidate for making babies. Our human appreciation for gluteal shape goes back to when we were more primitive on the evolutionary scale, but a recent surge of interest in curvy, perky butts in our culture has made buttocks re-shaping procedures like gluteal fat transfer, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and gluteal implants the fastest growing procedures in plastic surgery.

Butt Lift

What is a Perfect Butt?

There is a wide range of personal preferences when it comes to butts, but research has illuminated some common threads. Whether you prefer little butts, big butts or medium sized butts, you’re going to like an ideal waist to hip ratio. I can say “ideal” because studies show that everyone, regardless of culture, race or geographic location, likes a waist to hip ratio near 0.7. Maybe you prefer a 0.63 and your favorite squat partner at the gym wants a 0.72, but it’s a scientific fact that there is a very narrow range of what humans like best.

Waist to Hip Ratio

Butt Lift

As your waist gets wider, you look more square with less curve between your waist and hips. This looks masculine. As your waist gets smaller you get more curve and you look more feminine. Alternatively, if your hips get wider with your waist staying the same, you also look curvier. So, you can get more curvy by making your waist smaller, your hips wider or a little bit of both. It is the ratio that is important; this is a separate issue from overall size. This explains how a skinny person and a plus-sized person can each get beautiful curves while staying proportional. You can keep looking skinny or full figured, just with a better body shape and a better butt.

Butt Lift

A good butt is 90% about waist, hips, and thighs—who knew?

Notice we have not really talked about butts, yet? The perfect butt is 90% about the frame around it and only 10% the butt itself. The curves between your waist, hips, and thighs form the frame around your buttocks. “Creating the best possible frame, based on your preferred ideal waist to hip ratio, is the first step to creating a beautiful butt,” says Dr. Vennemeyer. This foundation of body curves sets the stage for better gluteal curves. The right amount of gluteal projection and fullness flow from the frame. You may want more or less butt projection and fullness, but either can work within this ideally proportioned framework.

Ideal Body Frame Shape

There are 4 basic body frame shapes: A, square, V and round. A frame is widely considered to be the most attractive, followed by round frames. Frames are narrower at the hips than the outer thighs. Square frames are equal width at the hips and thighs with a flat or depressed contour in between, round shapes are equal width at the hips and thighs with an outward curve between them. V-shaped frames have hips that are wider than their outer thighs.

Butt Lift
Figure 1 From Square frame to rounded A-frame with gluteal fat transfer

Better Body Shaping with Gluteal Fat Transfer

Liposuction has been a fantastic tool for body shaping for many years now, but liposuction alone can only sculpt by reducing contours through fat removal. This is only part of the problem for most patients. Any indentations, depressions or volume deficiencies stay the same, keeping you from getting the best possible result. “Fat transfer gives us an incredible tool for feathering contours together in a way that was not possible before,” Dr. Vennemeyer explains; “It’s almost like airbrushing in highlights to improve the bad shadows. Some patients just want to eliminate the shadows and blend contours better. Others want a lot more fullness or dramatic changes in their frame.” This makes it much more possible to get the best body shape within the context of your frame, body fat distribution, and wishes. Further, it makes it possible for people with square or V frames to turn into an A frame or round frame, dramatically improving their overall body shape.

Butt Lift
Figure 2: shows how fat transfer volume improves overall body shape. Liposuction of frame alone leaves butt looking deflated and masculine.

Butt Lift

How Does BBL or Gluteal Fat transfer Work?

In a Brazilian butt lift, gluteal fat transfer or buttock re-shaping procedure, fat is initially removed from areas of excess. Next, fat is re-injected into areas that need re-shaping or volumized. The procedure can be broken down into 3 steps:

  1. Liposuction to reduce frame where needed.Liposuction of waist and hips, ideally 360 lipo, to improve waist taper circumferentially. If a narrower buttock appearance is desired, liposuction can be done in the outer thighs. Inner thigh liposuction can improve the framing of the inner buttocks and can be considered.
  2. Fat transfer to transition zones between frame and butt.Fat is initially re-injected into the areas of the frame surrounding the butt to fill in irregularities or volume deficiencies and create a more ideal frame for your better butt. This helps solidify that beautiful curve inward at the waist that flow out around the hips into the thighs defining your waist to hip ratio. It also sets the stage so your butt curves will flow into your frame curves.
  3. Fat transfer to buttocks. The last step is fat transfer to your buttocks to increase perkiness, improve deflation, reduce sagging, add more fullness and create better butt curves.

Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL & Gluteal Fat Transfer FAQs

How long is recovery after a BBL or gluteal fat transfer?

Most patients can go back to work 1-2 weeks after their procedure. Your energy will improve a little each week, and most people feel their full energy level has returned by 6 weeks. You can return to the gym after 6 weeks.

When can I sit after a BBL?

You can sit right away after your procedure using a cushion under your thighs to avoid direct pressure on your butt. Continue sitting in this modified way for the first 6 weeks. Most patients find it easiest to sleep on their tummy for the first 6 weeks.

When will I have my final result after my Brazilian Butt Lift?

Most people find their swelling has mostly resolved by the 6-week mark. Some mild swelling is still present for up to 6 months. After 6 months, we consider this your result final.

Should I gain weight before my BBL?

If you have insufficient fat for the buttock volume you want, it is possible to gain weight to make more fat available for contouring. You will have to eat extra calories in the long-term to keep the fat. If you do not continue eating the extra calories, you will lose the added weight in your butt.

What happens if I gain or lose weight after a BBL?

Once the fat has “taken” (heals in its new home and survives), the fat cells can store more fat and get larger or release fat and get smaller—essentially you can gain and lose weight in your butt, and the fat cells function as they did in their old home (your tummy or thighs). The liposuction areas where the fat was harvested will tend not to gain or lose weight since a significant amount of the fat was removed.

When can I exercise after my BBL?

You may do light walking immediately after surgery. Avoid fat-burning exercise or vigorous cardio for at least 6-8 weeks after surgery as this may reduce the fat that survives. You can return to strength training 6 weeks after your gluteal fat transfer.

How much fat survives when it is transferred to your butt in a BBL?

Plastic surgeons across the country estimate 50-90% of the transferred fat survives. This range exists because fat survival rates are different for everyone and cannot be predicted in advance. Fat survival varies based on your body’s healing mechanism, which includes factors no one can change. Fortunately, the amount of fat that survives can be influenced by post-op nutrition and pressure on your buttocks. We recommend a high protein diet with about 200 calories above your baseline for the first 6 weeks after surgery along with plenty of fluids. Avoidance of direct pressure on your buttocks in the first 6 weeks is very important and can help maximize the survival of the transferred fat.

Can I add more fat in a second gluteal fat transfer procedure?

Yes, if you have enough fat somewhere on your body that can be harvested with liposuction. It is best to wait about 6 months after the first procedure to allow tissues to soften and swelling to resolve prior to the second round of gluteal fat transfer. If you want an extremely significant increase in size, you may need multiple procedures to achieve it.


Dr. Vennemeyer always says that it takes about 6-8 weeks until you will feel 100% back to your normal energy level, but depending on your line of work and daily activates, most women take a minimum of 1 week off work.

Have you always wanted a rounder, fuller, or perkier butt?  Increasingly popular procedures are the Butt Lift, which raises the butt for more perkiness, and the Butt Augmentation, where fat is transferred to your buttocks to create a customized, natural contour.  While some prefer to increase the size of their butt, others may focus on their shape.  Anything is possible, as Dr. Vennemeyer’s skill and experience allow him to perform precise butt lifts and inject fat in varying quantities and multiple areas to achieve the best results.

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vennemeyer plastic surgery reviews
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