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Breast Implants? Breast Lift? Both? Which Is Right For You?

A better bosom is no doubt desirable. With the various options available to you, however, it may feel a bit overwhelming and intimidating when trying to decide which procedure to get. With a bit of information about these two types of breast surgeries, they are easy...

4 Myths About Plastic Surgery and 3 Benefits You Won’t Believe

Plastic surgery pops up in our lives quite often. From celebrities getting work done to your friend’s new nose, we all carry some idea of what it is and why people do it. And many of those ideas are wrong. Plastic surgery is one of medicine’s more mythologized...

Think You Can Spot Plastic Surgery? Think Again!

Plastic surgery is totally obvious, right? At least, that's the gist to get from folks that claim they totally know who got what done. But is it really that easy to spot? If, after all, breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery, it must be easy to spot....

Breast Aug Recovery

Breast Aug Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips from Southlake Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Vennemeyer In most cases, healing from a breast augmentation is pretty easy, but it is important to follow your surgeon’s instructions to maximize your chances of a normal recovery. Make sure you...

Do I Need New Breast Implants After 10 Years?

It is popular myth that implants must be replaced automatically every 10 years. This is not entirely accurate. So, what is the real story? Although you do not have to schedule a recurring implant exchange with your plastic surgeon every 10 years, there are some things...

Optional Reasons to Get New Breast Implants

Optional Reasons to Get New Breast Implants

As we discussed in Definite Reasons to Get New Breast Implants, there are situations where it is strongly recommended that you have a revision. Plastic surgeons consider these non-optional. There are also situations where you may choose to get new implants, but it is...

Definite Reasons to Get New Breast Implants

Definite Reasons to Get New Breast Implants

“When do I need new breast implants,” is one of the most common questions patients ask me. The reasons to get new breast implants or have revision surgery can be broken down into two broad categories: optional and not optional. There are some reasons why you should...

5 Tips for Getting the Breast Shape You Want

5 Tips for Getting the Breast Shape You Want

Maybe you found before and after pictures that you love or perhaps you have always wanted to change something about your breast shape. Breast augmentation is not just about size—getting beautifully shaped breasts that look great in a bikini or nothing at all is...

What are Constricted Breasts?

There is a very wide spectrum of breast shapes, but women with constricted or tubular breasts usually have the sense that their breasts look different than everyone else’s. This starts at puberty when your breasts develop with a more tubular shape instead of the...

Brow Lift – Underappreciated but Amazing

You’ve heard of all the common plastic surgery procedures – breast augmentation, tummy tucks, eyelid lifts, facelifts, and others. You know the great results people get from them. However, you may not have thought about a brow lift. If you are concerned about the...


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